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World's Best Workforce Plan for Lewiston-Altura Public Schools

The “Striving for the World’s Best Workforce” bill was passed in 2013 (Minnesota Statutes 2013, section 120B.11) to ensure every school district in the state is making strides to increase student performance. Each district must develop a plan that addresses the following five goals:
  1. All children are ready to start kindergarten.
  2. All third-graders can read at grade level.
  3. All achievement gaps between students are closed.
  4. All students are ready for career and/or postsecondary education.
  5. All students graduate from high school
A school district's success in reaching the World's Best Workforce goals will be measured by student performance on the National Association of Education Progress (NAEP); the reduction of the academic achievement gaps by specific student subgroups; student performance on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments; high school graduation rates; and career and college readiness under Minnesota Statutes section 120B.30 subdivision 1.

You can review Lewiston-Altura's plan, the steps we are taking, along with the progress we are making as we strive to prepare all of our students to be members of the World's Best Workforce by clicking on the links to the left.

Contact: Gwen Carman