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Lewiston-Altura District Staff Development

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The District Staff Development Team meeting the third Thursday of every month in the Early Childhood Conference Room at 7:00 am.  If you have any Staff Development concerns, requests, or recommendations that need to be brought to the team please talk to Emily Haag.  Lastly, as we continue to build this site, some thnigs that you will find here are:

1.) Meeting Agendas
2.) Meeting Minutes
3.) District Staff Development Goals and Objectives
4.) District Staff Development Curricullum Writing Request Form 
5.) District Staff Development/Professional Deevlopment Form 
6.) District Staff Development Iniative Request    
7.) Staff Surveys

The 2019-2020 District Staff Development Team is
Chair Emily Zinck
High School Principal Cory Hanson
Elementary Principal Dave Riebel
School Board Representative Jenny Koverman
School Board Representative Brein Maki
High School Representative Kinsey Hornberg
High School Representative Amanda Nickelotti
Elementary Representative Barb Daley
Elementary Representative Liza Kennedy

Contact: Emily Zinck