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Brian Hamilton, 7-12 Band

Brian HamiltonMy name is Brian Hamilton and I am the band director at both the high school and intermediate school.  I have had a passion for music for as long as I can remember and I want to help kindle the same passion for music with my students.  Some of the greatest role models in my life were previous band directors and I hope that I can give my students the same positive experience that I had in band.  I like to tell my students that being part of a band is like being part of a giant team.  Music creates a place where we can all put our differences aside and work together toward a common goal.  I believe music is for everybody and that it is the one common language that all people in all parts of the world share.  I feel truly blessed that I have a job working with great students and staff doing what I love.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!


Brian Hamilton 


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