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Hello!  My name is Ms. Sheila McDermott and I teach 11th and 12th grade English here at LAHS.  I am originally from New England, and earned my teaching degree from the University of New Hampshire where I majored in English received a MA in English Education. 

I taught for several years in New Hampshire before moving to Wyoming where I taught high school English, journalism and photography while my husband worked on his PhD.  We moved to the Midwest when my husband took a job teaching at Winona State College.  At that time I took a job teaching English at the college level and remained there for 20 years.  
I am very happy to have been asked to teach at Lewiston High School, and I am enjoying working with the students of the LAHS community.  I am always happy to discuss your student with you.
Thank you, 

Sheila McDermott
9-12 English Teacher


Contact: Sheila McDermott