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School Readiness Preschool

Lewiston Altura Mini Cardinals2021-2022 School Readiness Registration 
Starts Feb 1 for Current Families
         and Feb 13th for new families.

Lewiston-Altura is a 4-Star Parent Aware rated preschool program that offers a play-inspired and educational learning environment. Our licensed teachers work together as a team to provide developmentally appropriate activities for the children to grow socially, emotionally, and physically while developing a life long desire to learn.

Registrations for Preschool classes are being accepted on line beginning Feb 1 for Current School Readiness Families and Feb 13th for new families at 8:00 am

NO EARLY REGISTRATIONS. Any early submissions will be asked to re-register and your spot will not be held.

Registration begins at 8:00 on Feb 13th, use this link to register:     ENROLL NOW 

3/4 year old preschool classes
MWF am 8:30-11 ($105/month)
MWF pm 12:30-3  Mixed ages 3-5 year olds ($105/month)
T/TH pm  12:30-3  ($75/month)

4/5 year old classes
MWF am 8:30-11 or pm 12:30-3  ($105/month)  CLOSED
T/TH full day 8:30-3  ($145/month) CLOSED
MWF pm class 12:30-3    mixed ages 3-5 year olds  ($105/month)

It is MN law that children enrolling in our program need to show that they have received immunizations or an exemption. These are due by the first day of classes.

Parent Aware Early Learning Scholarships may be available to eligible families.

Our schedule follows the school district calendar Sept-May.

Tuition is not reimbursed for emergency or weather related closings.