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                               Early Childhood Education and Care

Lewiston Altura Mini Cardinals       Registration information and Forms will be available by March 8th

The Lewiston -Altura Early Childhood program provides experiences in  an educational environment with routines, schedules, and activities following  Creative Curriculum guiding principles.  This is not a strict school based setting, but a play inspired, child led learning setting that promotes independence, confidence,  growth, and fun! 
   We understand that for many children, this is the first time in a classroom or away from familiar caregivers and are here to support families and their children in this transition for a positive school experience.  Licensed teachers provide daily activities to give the children opportunities to grow socially, emotionally, and physically while developing a life long desire to learn.

We are now a combined Early Childhood Education and Cardinal Care program that continues to offer 4-Star Parent Aware rated preschool programming with an extended day option for children between the ages 33 months and 5 years. Quality, seamless, developmentally appropriate education and care is available from 6 am to 5:30pm. 

The preschool schedule follows the district calendar for holidays and weather related closings. Full day programming may be offered on no school days and is included in the monthly fee.

    Drop off completed forms to the school or mail to 
                                                Early Childhood Program
                                                       115 Fremont Street
                                                       Lewiston, MN 55952

It is MN law that children enrolling in our program need to show that they have received immunizations or an exemption. We accept immunization forms (i.e. a copy of completed immunizations provided by health care provider) by fax, mail, or at the school office any time by the first day of class.