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Lewiston-Altura Early Childhood
Community Education
Education Services
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         Early Childhood Programs
         Mrs. Hettenbach
         Ms. Schlittler
         Mrs. Murphy
         Ms. Gora
         Mrs. Anderson
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         Mrs. Czaplewski
         Hiawatha Valley Education District
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2023-2024 Master Academic Calendar
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District Administration
     Gwen Carman, Superintendent
     Cory Hanson, HS Principal
     Dave Riebel, Elementary Principal
     Ryan Eppen, Activities Director / Dean of Students
Health Services
     Nurses's Office
Office Staff
     Shelly Pringle, HS Administrative Assistant
     Linda Leibfried, Elementary School Secretary
     Nancy West, Elementary Administrative Assistant
     Sheala Hall, Business Manager
     Amanda Koelln, HS Activities Assistant
     Vickie Speltz, Food Service Director
     Michelle MacPherson, Nurse
     Sarah James, Speech
     Randi Ruppert, K-12 Social Worker
     Tori Todd, Pre-K - 5th Grade School Counselor
     Lori Anderson, Counselor Gr 7-12
     Heidi Johnson, Psychologist
     Melissa Papenfuss, District Psychologist
Lewiston-Altura Early Childhood
     Vicky Greden, Early Childhood / School Readiness
     Mandy Flesch, Early Childhood Parent Educator
     Tina Sand, School Readiness
     Valerie Hettenbach, ECSE
     Stacy Walth, ECSE
Lewiston-Altura Grades K-5
     Marcia O'Duggan, Kindergarten
     Suzanne Pilger, Kindergarten
     Ginny Reszka, First Grade
     Jane Weaver, First Grade
     Deb Heftman, Second Grade
     Kate Falkowski, Second Grade
     Maddie Gasca Hernandez, Third Grade
     Scott Schmaltz, Third Grade
     Mike Burigna, Fourth Grade
     Liza Kennedy, Fourth Grade
     Dylan Gowlland, Fifth Grade
     Britney Sula, Fifth Grade
Lewiston-Altura Elementary Specialists
     Sharon Manley, Elementary Media Center
         Students Web links
         Teacher Tools
         Great Books
         Questions for Ms. Manley
         Graphic Credits
     John Harper, Elementary Music
     Dick Montgomery, Elementary Physical Education
     Sharon Manley, Media Center
     Kay Ziegler, Library Aide
Lewiston-Altura Elementary Special Education
     Kayli Zezulka, Intervention (RTI)
     Mari Jo Starks, GT & ELD Specialist
     Natalie Mehling, Intervention / STEM
     Renee VanderPlas, Elementary Special Education
     Theresa Starks, Elementary Special Education
     Dylan Weninger, Elementary Special Education
Lewiston-Altura Grades 6-12
     Kayleen Scheck, 6th Grade
     Meagan Caron, 7/8 English
     Erick Hernandez, 9-12 Science
     Sheila McDermott, 9-12 English
     Jessica Clegg, 9-12 English
     Brent Olson, 7/8 Math
     Connie Sikkink, 9-12 Math
     Laura Nusbaum, 9-12 Math
     Emily Brennan, 7-12 Science
     Carly Steele, 9-12 Science
     Michael VanderPlas, 7-12 Social Studies
     Ethan Scheck, 9-12 Social Studies
     Sarah Gruett, 9-12 Social Studies
     Mari Jo Starks, 7-12 ELD
Lewiston-Altura High School Specialists
     Kaleb Stoppelmoor, 7-12 Agriculture Education
     James Young, 7-12 Business
     Luke Acord, 7-12 Technology Education
     Sharon Manley, Grades 7-12 Media Center
         Newspapers Online
         Search Engines
         Government Websites
         Other Helpful websites
         Websites for Teachers
         Questions for Ms. Manley
         Beyond the School Day
         Reading Suggestions
     Kimberly Moe, 7-12 Art
     Brian Hamilton, Band
     Matthew Wilmes, 7-12 Choir
     Amy Kelly, 7-12 PE/Health/DAPE
     Sammy Pedersen, 7-12 PE/Health
     Sarah Berndt, 7-12 Spanish
Lewiston-Altura Special Education
     Shannon Czaplewski, 7-9 Special Education
     Kinsey Hornberg, 7-12 Special Education
     Brittnie Kieselhorst, 7-12 Special Education
     Theresa Starks, Special Education
     Lori Ostrander, Title1
         Message Me
         Reading Websites
         Math Websites
     Nicole Borchardt, SPED Liason
     Zach Vix, 10-12 Special Education
Technology, Facilities & Transportation
     Kevin Ziebell, Transportation
     Dan Buege, Facility Manager
     Jeff Oian, Technology
     Yang Xiong, Technology
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