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Welcome to the Lewiston-Altura School Board Website!

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Thank you for your interest in Lewiston-Altura Public Schools!

Lewiston-Altura Public Schools has elected seven school board members, with four year terms, to lead the district.  School Board Meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m.; unless statute dictates a different date for a meeting.  Meeting dates and times are posted on the district activities calendar.  All meetings are held in the Lewiston-Altura High School Media Center, respectfully.  The public is welcome to attend.  The school board is a policy making body whose decisions are carried out by school administrators.  The school board functions as a whole, and it's authority lies within the will of it's majority.  No board member has power to act independently.  

Citizens with questions about the operations of the schools are encouraged to contact the teacher or staff member closest to the situation.  The next step, if unresolved, is to contact the appropriate building administrator, then the superintendent of schools.  If needed, at this point, unresolved items will be brought forward to the ISD 857 School Board.
Please click the links to the left to learn more about our District Goals, Objectives and Priorities, our board members, and to access meeting agendas and information.