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Welcome to the
Lewiston-Altura Elementary Homepage
Drone view of Lewiston-Altura Elementary
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Lewiston-Altura's District Mission =
Preparing our students to be productive members of
our communities, their nation, and our world.

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Upcoming Events
June 3 & 4 - School supply drop off days 7:30am-5:30pm
June 4 - Last day of school

Contact Information
The Lewiston–Altura Elementary School houses students in
Pre–Kindergarten through Fourth-Grade classrooms.
There are 240 students currently enrolled in PK–4 for the current school year.

The school is located at 115 Fremont Street South, Lewiston, MN 55952.

Phone number = 507-523-2194, option 1
Fax number = 507-523-2609