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Lewiston-Altura Gifted and Talented Education
Hello! My name is Mari Jo Starks and I teach and coordinate programs for high ability students and English Language Learners in the Lewiston-Altura Public School District. I have been in this position since the fall of 2005. Teaching has been an integral part of my life, with experiences ranging from teaching assistant at many grade levels, student teaching grades 1 & 2, teaching K-6th grade summer school, teaching and coaching high ability students, and teaching English as a Second Language.

I have three beautiful daughters, Samantha, Brettney and Theresa. We also have two family pets – Hazel, a sassy rat terrier, and Bentley, a sweet German Shepard. As a family, we enjoy gardening, traveling, kayaking, live music, bike rides, hiking, shopping, and cooking.

Most of my time is spent at the Elementary and Intermediate schools working in small groups with high ability students, coordinating enrichment programs, and providing resources for teachers to better meet the needs of identified students in 1st-8th grade. I also work with English Language students in grades K-12 and coordinate resources for these students.

Lewiston-Altura Public Schools offer a broad array of challenging enrichment curriculum and extracurricular activities for a district of its size. Lewiston-Altura offers pull-out classes for high ability students, challenge programs, including Academic Triathlon and Math Wizards, as well as open programs like History Day, Celebration of Writing, Spelling Bee and Geography Bee. 

I look forward to working with students and their families. Please feel free to contact me at (507) 796-6851 with your questions or concerns. You may also e-mail at any time. smiley

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Contact: Mari Jo Starks