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8th Grade Career Prep & Connectedness

 1. Most of my classes are interesting and engaging.

 2. I am getting a good education at this school

 3. I care about doing well in school.

 4. My close friends care about doing well in school.

 5. Teachers in this school challenge me to do better.

 6. I have seriously thought about dropping out of school.

 7. Most of my school work is "busy work."

 8. This school has appropriate expectations for student learning.

 9. This school has appropriate expectations for student behavior.

 10. I believe I have been pushed into classes that are too easy for me.

 11. I feel successful at this school.

 12. Teachers encourage my critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

 13. This school takes into account my learning style(s).

 14. In general, I feel positively about my classes.

 15. I get to be creative and use my abilities at school.

 16. Learning is more important than getting a good grade.

 17. My school is a place where students are nurtured and given individual attention.

 18. Adults in this school care about me as an individual.

 19. Overall, people at school accept me for who I am.

 20. There are adults in this school that I can go to if I have a problem.

 21. I feel comfortable asking my teachers for help.

 22. Teachers in this school don't have enough time to pay attention to everyone.

 23. I like going to this school.

 24. My close friends like going to this school.

 25. Adults in this school help me when I need it.

 26. I am treated with dignity and respect at my school.

 27. This school is a welcoming and friendly place.

 28. Students in my school have the ability to express their opinions about school decisions.

 29. Adults in this school really listen to what students my age have to say.

 30. I feel like I belong at this school.

 31. All students are treated well in this school, even if their grades are good or bad.

 32. I am a valued member of this school community.

 33. This school is preparing me for what I want to do after high school.

 34. My school helps prepare students to cope with a rapidly changing society.

 35. My school helps prepare students to cope with an increasingly technological society.

 36. My school does a good job with academic and career counseling.

 37. My school offers enough alternatives and different learning environments for students.

 38. My school has helped me develop clear career goals.

 39. If I decide not to go to college, my school is adequately preparing me for other career opportunities.

 40. My teachers encourage me to go to college.

 41. I feel prepared to choose a college major and/or career field in which I will be satisfied and successful.

 42. I need to learn more about different careers in which I might be interested.

 43. Teachers in this school speak with me regularly about my plans after high school.

 44. Discussions with my teachers about my plans after high school have been helpful.

 45. I think high school is a waste of time for me.

 46. I believe I will be successful after I graduate from high school.

 47. My school work is relevant to my future career plans.

 48. What do you plan to do in the year after you graduate?
  Attend a 4-year college
  Aggend a 2-year college
  Get a job
  Enlist in the military
  Don't Know
 49. Students get grades from their school. If you had to give this school a letter grade, what would it be?
 50. What are the strengths of this school?
 51. What is the most important thing this school could do to help you be more successful?
 52. What are some other ways this school could be improved?