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Know you are GREATLY missed and your Lewiston-Altura School Family is thinking of you daily! 

Office Hours 
Most days I willl be available from 9-11am & 12-2pm to chat, help with class work, etc. 
If these times don't work for your family, please e-mail me to set up a time! 

Each Kindergraten - 4th Grade teacher has added me to their SeeSaw classes --
this is where I wll communicate with your child. 
To video chat I would like to use Teams or Zoom.
If you have any questions about this, let me know. 

phone number: (507) 312-9883
IXL  Skills for Tuesday, May 26 - Friday, May 29

*You can find pervious weeks' skills under the "Distance Learning Documents" Tab on the left handside of this page, if you'd like extra practice* 

This is our LAST WEEK with IXL skills. 
Summer school will NOT be offered this year, however,
your child's IXL subscription will go until September 6th. 
Please work on skills with your child at their grade level by utilizing IXL this summer.


Language Arts/Reading  

O.4 - Complete the sentence with the correct short vowel word  

O.5 - Read questions with short vowel words 

T.1 - What is the picture about? 

U.1 - Which feeling matches the picture? 

CC. 2 – Identify and use end marks 


J.8 - Complete the addition sentence – sums up to 10 

L.6 - Complete the subtraction sentence – numbers up to 10 

P.3 - Match Analog and digital clocks 

U.1 - Coin names – penny through quarter 

U.2 - Coin values – penny through quarter 

U.9 - Compare two groups of coins – pennies through dimes 


1st Grade 

Language Arts/Reading 

C.3 - Complete the rhyme 

V.3 - What am I? 

Z.1 - Multiple-meaning words with pictures 

BB.1 - Use words with prefixes and suffixes 

 BB.2 - Understand words with prefixes and suffixes 

DD.2 - Put the words in ABC order 


J.3 - Fact Families 

J.5 - Addition and subtraction facts – up to 20 

N.1 - Left, middle, and right 

Q.5 - Equivalent groups of coins 

R.6 - Find the next shape in a growing pattern 

R.7 - Find the next row in a growing pattern 


2nd Grade 

Language Arts/Reading 

E. 10 - Complete the sentence with the correct -ild, -ind, -old, -olt, or -ost word 

O.3 - Spell the sight word 

P.1 - Order events in a story 

GG.1 - Sort words into categories 

XX.6 - Use contractions in a sentence 


C.5 - Writing numbers up to 1,000 in words – convert words to digits 

G.7 - Add two-digit numbers –sums to 200 

H.6 - Subtract two two-digit numbers – with regrouping 

L.16 - Which sign (+ or -) makes the number sentence true? 

P.21 - Correct amount of change 


3rd Grade 

Language Arts/Reading  

Z.1 - Select the members of a group 

GG.2 - Order alphabetically based on the first two letters 

LL.2 - Use the correct subject or verb 

RR.1 - Pronoun-verb contractions 

TT.5 - Capitalization review 


M.1 - Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts 

S.8 - Put money amounts in order 

T.2 - Match analog and digital clocks 

Y.6 - Compare Fractions 

AA.5 - Order decimals 



4th Grade 

Language Arts/Reading  

E.1 - Sort sensory details 

S.1 - Distinguish facts from opinions 

Z.1 - Select the members of a group 

HH.6 - Is it a complete sentence or a run-on? 

SS.6 - Commas: review 


F.1 - Add, subtract, multiply, and divide 

J.1 - Read a table 

M.7 - Find the change, price, or amount paid 

O.6 - Elapsed time 

P.19 - Compare fractions in recipes 

The Little Things 
No matter what the rest of this year brings, know you will forever be apart of my heart. This will be one school year none of us will ever forget. Know that you are strong, smart, brave, and loved! Until next time, Your teacher
  • These days and even weeks may be overwhelming. Make sure to take a step back and to do something creative or fun with your child as well. Tori Todd (our school counselor) shared this gem with the staff the other day. It may be fun to add this it your routine! Feel free to go back to the beginning at the end of the month and start over since it is later in March. 
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