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BBC Schools Words and Pictures
This site has online phonis games and other activities for young children. The games are organized by word type, consonant clusters, and long-vowel sounds.

Teach with Phonics Skills Chart
This site is a grade-level guide from preschool through sixth grade that outlines the progression of phonics competencies for the classroom. It is a simple visual tool for teachers to use in ensuring systematic phonics instruction, as recommended by the NRP.

The Nonsense Word Test
The NRP recommends thet teachers develop individualized phonics programs for students. The Nonsense Word Test is a very quick and easy-to-use assessment that helps teachers determine students

Reading games rooms
"Welcome to the word games, phonics games, reading games, comprehension strategies and phonics poster section of my website. Feel free to look around & print out whatever educational resources you need. People are using these games for individual phonics instruction, learning center activities, homework and special needs education. Make sure you recommend the site to other educators that need free resources! "

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