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Welcome to the Lewiston-Altura Elementary Library Media Center

The elementary library media center (LMC) provides library and technology services to elementary students. Students have weekly lessons and book check-out time.  To see what is currently happening in the library, please visit our Facebook page.

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Elementary School login

Instructions: All students have a "Backpack". Generally, their backpack username is their graduation year plus first initial and first four letter of last name (ex. 2024CBROW.  All passwords are READ. An App is available for Apple, Android, Kindle and PC.



Book Exchange
Each class visits the Library Media Center once a week for a library lesson and to checkout books. Kindergarten students may checkout one book. First and second grade students may checkout two books. Third and fourth grade students may checkout four books.

The library is from 8:00 to 3:00 Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday and Fridays. Classes are held Mondays and Wednesdays. Students may visit the Media Center again during the week with their teacher’s permission.

Loan Period
Books are checked out for a one-week period and books may be renewed no more than two times. If a student has an overdue book, the student may not checkout additional items.

Overdue Notices
Media Center overdue notices are sent home with students.

Lost Books
When a book is determined lost by a student, the student is fined the replacement cost of the book so that a new book may be purchased.

Book Donations
Book donations are welcome at the Library Media Center! Some families enjoy donating a book to the Media Center in honor of their child's birthday or graduation from Lewiston-Altura Elementary School. A special bookplate with the donating family's name will be placed in the book.

When students visit the Media Center they are expected to follow to Cardinal rules.