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Coming March 23, 24, and 25th to the LAHS stage: 

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee 

This new musical comedy features 6 kids, around the ages of 10-12, competing for the ultimate prize: spelling bee champion! Who will win? Olive, the shy girl who only wants her parents to come see her? William Barfee (it's pronounced Bar-fay!), the boy who is coming back after a peanut allergic reaction sidelined him last year? Schwarzy, the girl with a lisp, whose dads keep pushing her to succeed? Marcy, the overachieving girl who knows six languages? Leaf, the boy who is only here by accident? Or Chip, the boy returning as champion, who develops a crush on Leaf's sister? 

Besides the kids, there are many other characters appearing in the show. There is Vice Principal Panch, overseeing events, and Rona Peretti, a former spelling bee champion herself, running the show. Mitch Mahoney is doing his community service in counseling kids after they lose, and the contestants' parents stop by to show support - or lack thereof - to their kids. 

Auditions will be taking place January 24th and 25th ~ see Ms. Schreiber or Mr. Wilmes if you have any questions! 

Contact: Anne Schreiber