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Safe administration of medication is of utmost importance. The following information is designed to inform parents about medication administration guidelines and expectations at school.
Permission Requirements
Parents must notify the office directly if their student will require any medication during school hours. All requests for prescription medication administration require a parent and physician signature. Over-the-counter medications need only a parent signature.  
Chemical Free School
Our school is a chemical free school. Students requiring medication, whether prescription or over-the-counter, need to keep them in the office. Students requiring immediate access to certain medications may be allowed to self-administer with parental and physician permission (asthma inhalers and epi-pens). Self-administration also requires a student/nurse agreement (addresses school policies, safety, dosing and medication teaching).  High School students may choose to carry over-the-counter pain medication if the proper paperwork has been completed.
Transporting medications to school
For the safety of all students, we require that parents bring their child’s medication to the office directly. If this absolutely cannot be done, please contact the office.
Medication Containers
All medications (both prescription and over-the-counter) need to be in the original container labeled by the manufacturer or the pharmacy. No baggies or plastic containers will be accepted.
Notification of need for re-fills
It is the parent’s responsibility to maintain an adequate supply of their child’s medication. We will attempt to notify parents via note or phone when medications are running low.
Medication Changes or discontinuation
It is the parent’s responsibility to provide a written statement signed by the physician and parent to notify the office of:
  1. a desire to discontinue medication administration at school
  2. a prescription medication or dosage change
End of the Year
The school will not send medication home with students. At the end of the year parents will be notified of the amount of medication remaining. Parent’s can arrange pick-up or disposal of medications. Any medication not picked up by the last day of school will be disposed of.
Field Trips and Off-campus activities
Medication administration is delegated to a teacher or other staff member for off-campus activities.   All students who self-administer/self-carry their medications are responsible for bringing them to all off campus activities.