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(Lack of) Health Insurance
Do you have trouble paying for doctor and dental visits? Do you have trouble paying for your or your child’s medications? Do you have to weigh whether to take your child to the doctor, or whether to go grocery shopping? In these tough economic times, many families are struggling with these same decisions. But please take note-there is help available!

Minnesota offers several health care programs to people who qualify. More than ½ million people are currently getting their health care through state subsidized programs. Medical Assistance (MA) and MinnesotaCare are available to Minnesotans in need. These health care programs cover the following: doctor visits, dental visits, hospital care, prescriptions, eye exams and glasses, mental health services, etc. To get health care program coverage, you must meet the program guidelines and be within the income and asset limits. If your income is more than the limit, you may still qualify and you should apply. For example, a family of 4 people would qualify for MA if their yearly income is less than $31,800! Medical Assistance has no co-pays, and covers the entire eligible expenses. Another example, a family of 4 people would qualify for MinnesotaCare if their yearly income is less than $58,300! MinnesotaCare does have a monthly co-payment, according to your income level. Even if you have employer offered insurance plans, you may be eligible to receive assistance.

Please see the link below for more information regarding MN Health Care Plans. The applications are also available via the link below. If you need further assistance, I would be happy to help...just let me know.